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Yearly Archives: 2011

BFF | photographing teens | barefootportraits shanghai, china

What better way to cap off the year than to have a photoshoot with your best friends to remember the good times in the year that has just gone by?  It’s not very often that a group like this come to our studio to have a group photo taken, so it’s refreshing for us to...

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little miss dj | 6个月大的婴儿肖像上海 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

在新年晚上的派对上,这个宝贝开始用她的方式摆弄摇滚,我们十分感谢妈妈和爸爸在我们拍摄时的积极配合。这个很酷的小dj的才能很显然是遗传自她的父母。 :) This baby is getting ready to rock the house with her choice of hits, in time for a New Year’s eve party.   We’re so thankful mommy and daddy were so much fun to work with when we did this shoot.  It’s pretty obvious where little miss dj got her cool influence from.  :)

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curly angels | barefootportraits shanghai, china

If there really were baby angels, I imagine them to look a lot like this duo.  This brother and sister tandem is just too cute we couldn’t help but share!

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2 month old baby photography | barefootportraits shanghai, china

We would like to introduce to our blog readers one of the happiest babies we’ve encountered, the loveable baby Sofia… Don’t you think her smile is just contagious?

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christmas family portrait session | barefootportraits shanghai, china

4 adorable girls, 2 amazing parents, 1 beautiful family. In barefootportraits, family is very important to us, which is why we love hearing our clients’ stories. This family in particular has a very interesting story to tell.  Anne and Scott originally had one daughter, but they decided they wanted to grow their family, so they...

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