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Monthly Archives: June 2011

rosa, pregnancy photography | barefootportraits | shanghai, china

Coming soon… We can’t wait!

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joy, maternity portrait | barefootportraits | shanghai, china

It’s always nice to see clients bring something very personal to their shoot like the fur coat. It was a very elegant and sexy shoot.

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tsangs, family portrait | barefootportraits | shanghai, china

Not only did siblings Charly and Paloma have a blast, from the looks of it, so did their parents…  Thank you for allowing us a peek into your family!  BTW, we are lovin the dark blues clothes on our creamy background.  

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孙小姐, 孕妇照 | 贝儿福 | 上海, 中国

她告诉我们她面对镜头会很害羞… 但是你看她有多上相!

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esaiah, newborn photo | barefootportraits | shanghai, china

We were thrilled when mommy N informed us that baby Esaiah has arrived. We’re lucky to be able to shoot him both in his mummy’s tummy and in person. Everything about him was just so perfect. And his parents did a good job in decorating his room.

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