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Monthly Archives: March 2012

baby details | 新生儿照 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

为什么给婴儿的鼻子,耳朵,眼睛和脚拍摄的照片如此漂亮?这里有一些两周大的男宝宝Justin的照片…祝您愉快!:) Why is it so interesting to take pictures of the small details in babies?  :) Check out some photos from 2 weeks old newborn boy Justin’s photoshoot… Have a good day everyone!

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pregnancy and family portrait session | barefootportraits shanghai, china

Big brother Kyle was said to have a liking towards becoming a doctor someday…  What better way to practice now than to start with listening to Mommy Rain’s baby on the way?  Kyle was super eager to show us his skills, cause he sure knows how to use a stethoscope!

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dream | one month old baby photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

If babies really have dreams, what do you think baby Lucas here must be dreaming of?

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newborn portrait session | barefootportraits shanghai, china

14 days old baby boy Isac had a blast in his first portrait session, he seems to be quite used to being the camera’s subject! Check out some of the photos from his session below…

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double the cuteness | barefootportraits shanghai, china

3个月大的 Isobel和Amelia,她们靠的很近,我们不能把她们分开。她们是我们见过最可爱,最要好的双胞胎。 Meet 3 month old twins Isobel and Amelia…they’re so close we can’t even separate them from each other!  They must be the sweetest twins we’ve seen to date!

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