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Monthly Archives: April 2012

little johnny | 上海宝宝照 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

雨儿停了,雨儿又回来了,小Johnny想要玩耍了“。我们肯定能想象出贪玩的宝宝Johnny正在唱着这首歌。 Rain rain go away, come again another day, Little Johnny wants to play! We sure can imagine playful baby Johnny singing this song!

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family photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

Check out some of the photos from this fun family shoot we just had recently…The girls sure were fond of each other! Have a great day everyone!

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summer in the air | pregnancy photo session | barefootportraits shanghai, china

If you still haven’t noticed, temperature is rising and keeping cool means keeping it light more than just chugging down scooploads of ice cream.   Summer sure is in the air from cool couple Carol and Dr. Mike’s pregnancy photo session!  Dr. Mike sure was also very eager to show his skills in using the...

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happy baby | 4个月大的婴儿肖像 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

一些宝宝天生就那么快乐,就像这个日本宝宝souryu, 只有4个月大   Some babies are really just born happy… Like Japanese baby Souryu here, at 4 months old…

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outdoor couple portrait session | barefootportraits shanghai, china

If fate could really control your destiny, then Ken and Gem seem to have their destinies quite intertwined…  Aside from going to the same highschool and having the same majors in the same universities during their college years, this couple unbelievably met and got together during their MBAs… much later than they should have… If...

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