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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mommy’s belly & me | maternity and child photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

Noah已经等不急想看到他的弟弟妹妹了。。。他和他的爸爸妈妈都开心极了。 Baby Noah can’t wait to have a younger brother or sister…He’s just as ecstatic as his mum and dad are!

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上海宝宝照 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

王田野与胡骏很幸运有这么一个天使般可爱的孩子 Kuang kuang(胡亦橙)。几乎整个拍摄都很愉快,也拍到了很多很美的照片。看看他的那些照片: This couple are so lucky to have such an adorable and almost angelic child as Kuang Kuang.  He was happy almost throughout the shoot, we ended up with so many good pictures.  Check out some of the photos from his shoot…

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one month old baby photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

Meet one month old baby Olivia, who seems to be having a good sleep while we were having a good time photographing her…

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Nini and Niuniu | barefootportraits shanghai, china

有个姐姐是一件很幸福的事,她永远都会是你的好朋友。不管发生什么事,她永远都会在你身边。就像Nini和Niunui,尽管她们还小,但你可以感觉到她们对彼此的爱。 The best thing about having a sister is that you always have a  friend who will always  be there for you no matter what happens. Just like Nini and Niu Nui, even in their early age you can see and feel their love for each other.  

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Forest | barefootportraits shanghai, china

总是带着微笑的Forest 他真的很可爱,6月份他来到我们的摄影棚拍照,来记录他第一个生日 This cute and very smiley  Forest visited us last June to have his picture taken as he celebrates his first birthday!

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