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Monthly Archives: October 2012

tiny treasure | 上海新生儿照 | Newborn Photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

有人说:“最宝贵的东西往往都很小……”我们认为这对可爱的宝宝Zoe对于他幸运的父母也是一样的。 Some say “the most precious things come in small packages…” We think this goes the same for adorable baby Zoe’s lucky parents.

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All prepared | 上海孕妇照 | pregnancy photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

Fiona和Edwin来到我们影棚拍摄她最美的孕妇照。他们带来了一些自己的可爱道具!我们期待等他们和他们出生的宝宝再次来到我们摄影棚。 Adorable couple and parents-to-be Fiona and Edwin were so prepared for their pregnancy shoot with us.  They even brought some of their own props!  We can’t wait to be with them again for their newborn session soon.

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Mr. Smiley | newborn photography | 新生儿照 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

TP婴儿似乎有一个很甜美的梦想,我们在那最美好的微笑时“咔嚓”按下了快门。 Baby TP seemed to be having a very sweet dream while we were taking his debut photoshoot…check out his smiles in his recent session with us…

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family photographer | barefootportraits shanghai, china

Kanako, Mori和 Yuta他们组成的年轻家庭,希望他们的生活能健康幸福。 Kanako, Mori, and Yuta make one very happy young family.  Wishing this family the best of health and luck in the years ahead!

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pregnancy photographer | 上海怀孕照 | barefootportraits shanghai, china

准妈妈Iris,她就像一个精致的花朵 – 很温柔,所以我们记录下了她最美的怀孕片段。 Mommy Iris was so nice to shoot.  She was like a delicate flower – very gentle, so we had a very relaxing time shooting her during her pregnancy photo session.

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